Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Major: Horticulture


Ornamental Horticulture, Horticulture Business, Crop Consulting, and Landscape Design are the four options available in the horticulture major. In addition to the completion of the requirements of the major, an option must be elected and the requirements must be completed for that option. Students should develop a specific program of study in consultation with a departmental horticulture advisor. In order to apply for certification as a professional horticulturist, students should also complete HORT 305, Genetics, and either BCHE 341, Biochemistry, or CHEM 211, Organic Chemistry.



Dr. Chris Cramer, 575-646-2657,

Rachel Gioannini, 575-646-3638,

Dr. Ryan Goss, 575-646-3297,

Dr. Ivette Guzman, 575-646-1914,

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