Faculty Handbook




IV. Space Assignment and Key Policy

V. Promotion and Tenure Procedures


VII. Grants and Business Information

  1. When converting from 12 month appointment to 9 month for computing salaries multiply 12 month by 0.75

  2. Salary savings can be recovered from the AES when salaries are paid from grants. However, the salary savings must be spent within the same fiscal year (by June 30). Only salary, not fringes will be returned to the faculty. In order to recover the savings, the faculty must send a memo to the department head requesting the savings. The AES does not automatically return the salary savings.

  3. A percentage of the indirect costs of grants is returned to the department and the PI. Currently, the department receives about 50% of indirect costs, and this is split equally between the department and the PI. The departmental Accounting Supervisor maintains a record of the amount of indirect funds available to each faculty member. THIS RECORD REFLECTS PERIODIC UPDATES CONCERNING INDIRECT FUNDS RECEIVED BY THE COLLEGE OFFICE OF BUSINESS AND RESOURCE PLANNING. Twice a year (by January 30 and July 30), the departmental Accounting Supervisor will inform each faculty member of the total amount available. At other times, the faculty member can request an accounting from the departmental Accounting Supervisor as needed.


IX. Poster Printing Policy

Rationale: The printers have experienced increased use as the popularity of poster presentations has grown. Posters often have be printed as part of classroom exercises, outreach programs, and scientific meetings. To encourage continued use by all faculty within the department, the following policy on printer use is :

  1. All PES tenured and tenure-track faculty will have access to SK318(printer room). This printer room will have a different access code than the student accessible GIS/CAD room (SK329).

  2. Please read the printer instructions before using the printer for the first time.

  3. Faculty must "sponsor" any users from other departments each time the outside user uses the printer (no blanket sponsorships).

  4. An honor system will be used with users signing in the designated log and reporting usage (printer used, number of posters, change of cartridges, etc.).

  5. Faculty may designate a responsible person in their program to be responsible for printing posters. This person will be trained in usage and policy, but most go through the faculty member for the key each time they use the printer.

  6. Users must alert either the front office staff when consumables (paper and ink) are low. Print logs will be used to ask programs for contributions proportional to the amount of consumables used. If this does not work, a user fee will be instituted.

  7. All problems must be reported immediately to front office staff.