Graduate Student and Staff Cubicles

Cubicle Designations
Image of map of cubicles

The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences has access to 30 cubicles in Skeen Hall. The Plant and Environmental Science department and the Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Sciences mutually agreed that cubicle space will be proportionally allocated based on graduate student enrollment by department.

Effective November 27, 2002, the assignment of graduate student cubicles was transferred to the Graduate Studies Committee.

Priority for cubicles as follows:

  1. Teaching Assistants will be guaranteed cubicles, and will receive the highest priority. This is to facilitate undergraduate student access to Teaching Assistants.

  2. Full time funded students (research assistantship and funded research) will be given second priority. Also, international students funded by non-NMSU agencies or institutions will be given the same priority. The priority will be based on the starting date in Graduate School.

  3. Full time and then part time student will be given space based on availability after priority 1 and 2 are satisfied. Again the priority will be based on the starting date in Graduate School.

  4. PhD students after four years of work that have not finished will be required to give up a cubicle if assigned one. Master Students after three years of work that have not finished will be required to give up a cubicle if assigned one.

  5. A current list of the graduate students shows the location of each assigned cubicle and a map of each room with the name of who is assigned to what desk. See room numbers (see below) in Skeen Hall Third Floor N-345, N-349, N-353 ,N-357 and Skeen Hall Second Floor N-257, N-253 N329 for student cubicle assignments.


  1. Faculty members are requested to send an email request to the PES Office for assignment of cubicles for their graduate students that currently do not have a cubicle. The request must be submitted by the first day of class in the spring, fall, and summer session I and II. The request should include the name of the the room and cubicle letter A through F that they desire for their student and the students name and starting date. The information should also include why the cubicle should be reassigned based on the rules above if the cubicle is currently assigned to a student.

  2. When requests exceed the number of open cubicles, each request will be assigned a number and a random drawing will occur to assign the desks. After the dead line for submitting requests occurs, the desks will be assigned by email to the student with a copy of the email to the faculty. The student has two weeks to pick up the keys after being notified by email. After that date the cubicle will be reassigned.

  3. If no cubicles are available, an email request may be sent and the request will be put in a folder and filled if an opening occurs during the semester.

  4. The students will see the PES Office to receive a key and a desk label. A cubicle identification tag is to be placed on the cubicle to identify the room number, cubicle letter and name of student assigned to that cubicle. Also, students may not change desk assignments with out a formal email request to the PES Office. Any change in cubicle not approved by email will result in the loss of the cubicle by both students. Change can only occur with in an assigned room.

  5. Checks will be made of the cubicles in the middle of the semester to make sure that they are being used and not just occupied. If a cubicle appears to be just occupied, then an email will be sent to the student and faculty advisor asking if the cubicle is still needed by the student and if not, the cubicle status will become open.

  6. Faculty are also requested to send an email to the PES Office when a graduate student graduates and no longer needs a cubicle so that it may be reassigned. An email will be send to the faculty in August listing students assigned a desk. The faculty will send a email to the PES Office saying that the above students are still enrolled at NMSU and have not graduated. If the faculty do not respond, it will be assumed that the student has graduated and the desk will be reassigned.

  7. Students must turn in their key and key card to the PES Office when no longer using the cubicle. The student and advisor will be sent an email to turn in the keys. If after a second email is sent and the keys are not turned in with in two weeks, then new keys and locks for the cubicle will be ordered and the the cost of change over will be charged to the faculty advisor's account.

  8. If a student has a cubicle, goes on a TA and then goes back to funded research, then the rules of seniority apply and a newer student may lose a cubicle to that student.

  9. When all the graduate student cubicles are assigned, students will be assigned to rooms with technicians and post doc. This assignment will be temporary until a desk becomes available in the graduate student area. At that time the student will be requested to move to the open space.