Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Major: Agronomy


The undergraduate Agronomy program in Plant and Environmental sciences prepares students for a variety of careers in agriculture and related fields. Accordingly, a flexible curriculum has been designed that will allow specific programs to be developed in consultation with an academic advisor. Programs may also be developed to prepare for advanced studies in graduate school. In addition to the courses listed for each major, 35 credits must be taken in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, and the university general education requirements must be met.

General Agronomy and Crop Consulting are the two options available in the agronomy major. In addition to the completion of the requirements of the major listed, an option must be elected and complete 25 credits from the requirements for that option. To deviate from the courses required within an option, a formal petition must be filed, subject to approval by departmental committee. A specific program of study should be developed in consultation with a departmental agronomy advisor.



Dr. Kulbhushan Grover, 575-646-2352,

Dr. Ian Ray, 575-646-3819,

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