Stephanie Walker

Image of Stephanie Walker

New Mexico Western SARE


  • Ph.D.: Agronomy, 2007. New Mexico State University

  • M.S.: Horticulture (Breeding & Genetics) 1997. New Mexico State University

  • B.S.: B.S.: Biology (Microbiology) 1984. New Mexico State University

Professional Experience:

Cooperative Extension Service - - 2004-present

Extension Plant Sciences Department

New Mexico State University

  • Assistant Professor/Vegetable Specialist

Department of Agronomy & Horticulture - - 1988-2004

New Mexico State University

  • Research Specialist

Pillsbury/Pet, Incorporated - - 1985-1995

Mountain Pass Canning Company

  • Quality Control Manager/Research and Development Specialist

Research Areas:

  • Investigation into green chile (Capsicum annuum) varietal differences in yield and quality when machine harvested, and breeding for increased harvest efficiency.

  • Breeding Paprika (Capsicum annuum) for increased extractable pigment (ASTA). Release of a new high extractable

  • Soil fumigation trials to determine effects of chloropicrin formulations on overall yield and chile stand health.